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Guangdong Gain Law Firm

Founded in 1995, Guangdong Gain Law Firm is one of the first partnership law firms in Shenzhen. During the past 8 years, the firm has developed into the largest law firm in Guangdong Province, with more than 110 practising lawyers and an office space of more than 3,000 sqms.

In the meantime of its expansion, the Firm has devoted itself to the specialization of legal services and has set up seven main departments: Real Estate, Banking and Securities, Foreign-related Affairs, Litigation and Arbitration, Corporate, Maritime, and Intellectual Property Rights.

Adhering to the policy of admitting talented persons, the Firm has reserved a team of qualified and prominent lawyers, who are appraised as experienced professionals with excellent academic background, extensive practical experience and excellent professional morality. Of all the practising lawyers, forty two possess master¡¯s degree or doctor¡¯s degree, three have been appointed as arbitrators of Shenzhen Arbitration Commission and one has been elected as deputy to the NPC.

The Firm will adhere to the principle of ¡°honesty, diligence, team-work, and efficiency¡± and try its best to meet the needs for legal services of all the clients.

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